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Product Photography Made Easy!

by Samantha Annen Posted on April 01, '15

All the "pop" news have been talking about how important it is to have a well represented social media page with "pretty" pictures. As I browsed through all of Chauette Home's social media page, I quickly realized it could be better. And that's when I waddled (because I am 35 weeks pregnant) into my car, drove to Michaels and picked up a few items to start my new way of taking photos for social media! 

What I picked up: 

What else is important? NATURAL SUNLIGHT! Ahhh, it's a good day for you photographers if you can get by a window that has natural light, the pictures turn out a lot better and you barely have to touch up your photos!



Next, I just laid the poster board on my really pretty (not) carpet, and started shooting away!

All in all- everything took around 5 minutes per picture! Pretty easy and painless! Good luck!

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